Safe Firearm Storage

Safe storage of firearms is a way to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing and potentially using your firearm. Safe storage also helps prevent suicide, unintentional shootings, and accidental deaths.

Promoting Child Safety Through Responsible Firearm Storage Act

In 2021, Colorado lawmakers passed the "Promoting Child Safety Through Responsible Firearm Storage Act." This act states firearms must be responsibly and securely stored when not in use to prevent unsupervised youth, or other unauthorized persons, from accessing the firearm. Additionally, the act requires all licensed firearm dealers to provide a locking device with each firearm sold. 

Where Can I Get a Firearm Lock?

There are many places to get a firearm lock.

  • Email the Broomfield Police Department at for a free firearm lock.
  • Contact your firearm manufacturer.
  • Contact your local sporting goods store.

Additional Resources