Water Treatment

Lead and Copper Testing Program

If the following describes your home, you may qualify to save up to $50 per year on your water bill! 

  • Built between 1983-1986
  • Interior plumping consists of original copper pipe with lead solder
  • No additional water treatment systems installed
For just 5 minutes of your time and a sample of your tap water, the Broomfield Water Treatment team will provide a $25 credit on your water bill up to two times per year for assistance in compliance with EPA required resident Lead and Copper testing. Fill out the FORM to participate. 

Contact environmentallab@broomfield.org 
with any questions. 

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Water Resources

The main goal of Water Resources is to provide the customers of the City and County of Broomfield with a reliable, high quality, palatable, potable water supply at the most economically feasible cost possible.

Water Supply
The objective of the Water Supply Division is to ensure a dependable and safe supply of water to meet the current and future needs of the Broomfield community. 

Water Treatment
The objective of the Water Treatment Division is to treat raw water to accepted drinking water standards. This includes the operation and maintenance of the Water Treatment Facility and transmission of treated water to storage for ultimate distribution to the Broomfield community in sufficient quantity to meet the actual treated water demands.