Tutorials and Guides

Tool Guide
3D Printers 3D Printing at inventHQ
  Tinkercad Tutorials - Tinkercad is a free cloud based 3D modeling site. This link includes starters, lessons and projects. A free account is required.

  What is 3D Printing? - Are you curious about 3D printing, materials used, or getting started? This is a great introductory resources to find out more!
  Thingiverse - Online repository of 3D models 
Laser Cutters Inkscape quick start - the basic information you need to know to set up an Inkscape document to cut on the Epilog laser
  How to send files to the Epilog Laser - how to send files to the Epilog laser
  Set up the Laser - how to set up, focus, and start your job on the Epilog laser
  *1st Project* Make a keychain in Inkscape - this beginner project is a great way to learn how to design for the Epilog laser
  Illustrator quick start - the basic information you need to know to set up an Illustrator document to cut on the Epilog laser
Inkscape Inkscape Beginner Tutorial - this tutorial covers canvas navigation, managing documents, shape tool basics, selection techniques, transforming objects with selector, grouping, setting fill and stroke, alignment, and stacking order.
  Inkscape Tracing Bitmap Tutorial - this tutorial teaches you how to trace a bitmap image and convert it into a path 
  Inkscape Advanced Tutorial - this tutorial covers copy/paste, node editing, freehand and bezier drawing, path manipulation, booleans, offsets, simplification, and text tool.
  Inkscape for Laser Cutting - video tutorial that covers the basics of Inkscape for laser cutting
  What to do tools are drawing invisible objects - What to do when tools are drawing invisible objects or no longer working as before
Electric Cutters *1st Project* One color sticker - this beginner project is a great way to learn how to create a cut file for the Silhouette Portrait
  Silhouette Portrait set up - how to set up and cut a file on the Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter
  Silhouette School - this blog is a great learning resources for everything you can do with a Silhouette electronic cutter 
Digital Embroidery Digitize an image - how to turn an image into a file for the digital embroidery machine
  Digital Embroidery Machine set up - how to set up, thread, transfer a file, and hoop your fabric to use the digital embroidery machine
Sewing Sewing Practice Sheets - print these sheets to practice machine sewing

*1st Project* Easy Drawstring Bag - learn the basics of machine sewing while you make an easy drawstring bag

Simple Lined Zipper Pouch - this tutorial walks you through making a simple lined zipper pouch