Trash and Rubbish Hauling License


Trash and rubbish hauling includes the collection of trash, rubbish, and garbage as defined in the Broomfield Municipal Code, Chapter 8-04.

The annual fee is $150.00 and $1.00 per truck sticker. All Trash and Rubbish Haulers Licenses expire annually on July 31st. 


A new application for a Trash and Rubbish Hauling License must be submitted in the Clerk's licensing portal.  Applicants will be required to submit their rate list and the number of vehicles in the fleet and their descriptions during the application process. 

New Trash and Rubbish Hauling License applications require approval by the City Council. Upon approval, the applicant is required to submit to the City Clerk's office the appropriate fees and a surety bond in the principal amount of $1,000.00 before the license and sticker(s) for each truck will be issued. 

Visit the Licensing Portal


Renewal reminders will be sent to existing licensees annually. Licensees must submit a completed renewal application, appropriate fees, and current surety bond prior to the July 31st expiration date in the licensing portal. Please allow up to three weeks for the application to be processed. Upon approval, the new license will be issued and emailed. 


Licensed trash haulers in Broomfield are required by the Broomfield Municipal Code to submit an annual tracking waste and diversion report online by January 31st. 

The ReTRAC Connect website can be accessed here. Instructions on using the software system can be viewed here. For help entering your data in the system please contact Cody at or 720-564-2757. For other questions on the Annual Report contact Strategic Initiatives, contact or call 720-887-2293.

The report shall include: 

  • Weight (in tons) of the following:
    • Discarded Materials
    • Landfill Materials
    • Total Landfill Materials
    • Total Landfilled Construction and Demolition Materials
    • Total Recycled Construction and Demolition Materials
    •  Recyclable Materials listed by commodity or aggregated into commingled containers including mixed paper and single stream (commingled containers combined with mixed paper)
    • Compostables
    • E-scrap
    • Landscaping Materials
    • Architectural Paint
    • Reuse Materials
    • Other information deemed necessary as waste diversion are further developed
  • Name and final destination facility(ies) of landfill, recycling, composting, C&D, e-scrap, architectural paint, reuse materials, and/or landscape materials

Licensed Trash Haulers