Latest Projects

The Arts and History team is commissioning an artist to design a mural that will be installed inside the George Di Ciero City Building later this year. The mural will incorporate an existing solar calendar element and showcase themes relating to Broomfield, collaboration and civic engagement. This mural will be installed on the wall surrounding the winding, circular staircase and is a significant aesthetic element that will welcome staff, City Council and community members to the civic building. This mural will be a vinyl application of a digital design. 

Two semi-finalist have been selected, and the finalist will be selected by the public through a community vote on the Broomfield Voice page. These murals were designed by local Colorado artists to capture and represent Broomfield’s beauty. Visit to cast your vote and learn more about the project! The survey closes on Sept. 29 at 5 p.m.

Beautiful Broomfield

Stacey Reynolds
Onward and Upward

Julia Williams


Community-Powered Art at Broomfield Community Park 

A community-initiated mural project was installed on the wooden building in Broomfield’s Community Ball Field Park in July 2023. Three of the four finalists were selected by the Arts, History, Cultural Council. The fourth piece was selected through a community vote on the Broomfield Voice page.  Community-Powered Art at Broomfield Community Park is a Community-Initiated Public Art project submitted by John Hubbard on behalf of Broomfield Bikes, a local nonprofit organization.

This project is part of the Community-Initiated Public Art Idea Proposals program, designed to gather ideas from community members for public art projects in Broomfield. In partnership with the Arts, History and Cultural Council, these ideas are explored, vetted and prioritized each fall to guide the upcoming year’s public art project list.  The murals will be installed sometime in mid-May. 

PhotoName of the pieceArtist
unnamed (7)Bloom Brightly
Wall 2
Stacey Reynolds
unnamed (5)I Spy Colorado Wildlife
Wall 3
Julie Kitzes & Samantha Pascavis 
unnamed (4)Bloom
Wall 1
AJ Davis
Broomfield_DragonBroomfield Dragon
Wall 4

Community Vote Winner!
 Kate Fitzpatrick

Little Art Houses Installed on the ARTery

282679158_691135451974389_7538679005712412986_n (1)

Five Little Houses were installed on the ARTery in early June. Four of the houses were installed along the first phase of the ARTery trail and one at the Broomfield Depot Museum. The goal for the Little House project is to create ‘Little Houses’, each with a different theme and aesthetic, to create unexpected moments of joy, wonder and curiosity. These boxes will feature rotating art and history exhibits, artifacts from Sister City Ueda, Japan and Twin City, Broomfield, UK, and the last is acting as a Little Free Library by the Depot Museum. Little Houses are built on inspiration from the national Little Free Libraries program. 

History Little House: Highland Park South by Loch Ness Ave.
Twin City: Broomfield, United Kingdom: Between Wolff St. and W 127th Ave. 
Sister City: Ueda, Japan: 125th Avenue between Xavier St. and Wolff St.
Broomfield Little Art House: Willow Park near Vrain Street
Broomfield Depot Little House: Broomfield Depot Museum, 2201 W 10th Ave.

ARTery Sidewalk Mural

unnamed (2)unnamed (1)unnamed

Thank you to the artists, the Arts, History and Cultural Council, all of the wonderful volunteers who helped paint stencils, and everybody that participated in the ARTery sidewalk mural. Special thank you to the Broomfield Parks team and Broomfield Streets team for helping to make the project happen. 

This Art, History, and Culture Council Committee selected finalists for the ARTery sidewalk mural project. The artists selected for this project are Katerina Vuletich and Paige Brown, Ratha Sok and Jennifer Vasquez and Jennifer Chaparro and Camie Rigirozzi. This project was built in coordination with Parks, Recreation and Senior Services and Open Space and Trails, as well as artist selection through the Arts, History and Cultural Council. For the call, artists self-identified as either professional or emerging to be paired for mentorships, and all three semi-finalist pairs were selected as finalists. All three pairs participated in community engagement that ultimately informed their designs. 

PhotoName of the ArtArtistLocation
P1277275 - low"Wild Water Neighbors"Jennifer Chaparro and Camie RigirozziSidewalk behind the Broomfield Community Center, north of Brunner Reservoir 
P1299153"Pollinator Path and Bee-longing Phrases"Katarina Vuletich and Page BrownSidewalk stretch between W 125th Avenue and Wolff Street, southeast of Xavier Street
P1311228-0"Emergence"Ratha Sok and Jennifer VazquezWillow Park, Sidewalk southwest of 12751 Vrain Street, Broomfield, CO 80020