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Broomfield Pals is a volunteer-based program that connects neighbors who can use a helping hand with projects at their homes. The two components of Broomfield Pals include:

  • Snow Pals: Provides support with snow shoveling during the winter season. 
  • Yard Pals: Provides support with yard work during the summer and fall seasons. 

Apply for Support

Residents Requesting Support: The Broomfield Pals program is a volunteer-based program that connects Broomfield residents who can use a helping hand with local volunteers who assist with yard chores and snow shoveling. Review the requirements below and submit an application to participate in the Broomfield Pals program. 


  • You are a Broomfield resident.
  • You need volunteer support to complete snow shoveling and/or yard work at your home.
  • You do not currently receive regular snow shoveling or yard work support from your neighbors and/or a snow removal service company.
  • (If applying for Yard Pals) You are able to provide all tools and/or equipment necessary for a volunteer to complete the yard chore tasks.


  • Snow Pals Application: The deadline to submit a Snow Pals application for the 2022-2023 winter season is Sept. 16, 2022 or once the program reaches capacity, whichever comes first.
  • Yard Pals Application: The Yard Pals application is currently open for the summer and fall seasons.

Sign Up to Volunteer

Volunteers: Please create an account in VolunteerHub and sign up for the first available Broomfield Pals event if you or your family are able to assist a Broomfield resident. You will be matched with a resident as close to your home as possible; however, some assignments may involve driving to different parts of the city. Youth volunteers should email for sign-up instructions. The volunteer options include:

  • Snow Pals - provide snow shoveling support during the winter season
  • Yard Pals - provide yard work support during the summer and fall seasons
  • Both Snow Pals & Yard Pals - provide snow shoveling and yard work support year round

Residents and volunteers will be notified via email once a match is made! 

For a list of current volunteer opportunities, please visit Volunteer Hub. The steps to create an account are described in the guide. For questions, contact