General Employees Money Purchase Plan

The purpose of this plan and trust is to provide funds for retirement for regular, full-time employees who meet eligibility requirements and to provide funds for their beneficiaries in the event of death. Note this plan is mandatory for all non-sworn full-time employees. 

The benefits provided by this plan will be paid from a trust established by the employer and will be in addition to the benefits employees are entitled to receive under any other programs of the employer and from the Federal Social Security Act.

Money Purchase Plan for Full-Time Employees (Non-sworn)

Total ContributionEmployee ContributionEmployer Contribution
12% of Base Pay6% of Base Pay6% of Base Pay
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Investment Advice

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Website Access

The plan is currently administered by Empower Retirement. The General Employee Money Purchase Plan number is 95265-01 (457 Plan number is 95265-03). Click here for instructions on how to access your Empower account online to:

- View your account balance

- Update or change your beneficiary information

- Change your investment elections

- Change your deferral percentage

You can also contact Empower Retirement for account information by calling 1-800-701-8255.   Or, contact Mark Stone directly at

Accessing Your Broomfield Money Purchase Plan Account
Empower Retirement Website KeyTalk 1.800.360.2684
Empower Online Enrollment Overview

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Loan Procedure

For questions and/or to apply for a loan call Empower KeyTalk at 1.800.338.4015 or go to the website listed above. Please note that Human Resources does not process loan applications. You must contact Empower Retirement and apply for the loan online or by calling the KeyTalk number. Effective July 1, 2014 all future loans will no longer taken from Payroll and will be deducted from an employee's ACH (Automatic Clearing House) account.

General Money Purchase Plan Loan Procedures