Traffic Maintenance

City striper truck with traffic signals and cones.Signs and Pavement Markings

Traffic Signs

Sign fabrication, installation, and maintenance for traffic signs are done in-house in "the sign shop" at Traffic Operations. Throughout the year, the traffic crews are responsible for maintaining approximately 30,000 signs.  These include speed limit signs, STOP signs and street name signs.

Pavement Markings

The Traffic Division paints approximately 180  lane miles of roads per year using 25,000 gallons of paint. Crews also maintain about 746 crosswalks, pavement marking arrows, railroad markings, and red curbs.

The Traffic Division uses environmentally safe latex paint for traffic marking. Using a water-based (latex) paint decreases hazardous waste generation requiring only soap and water for cleanup.

Traffic Signals

Timing and Coordination Program

The Traffic Signal Timing Team is made up of the City's Traffic Engineer and technicians who specialize in the timing and coordination of the traffic signals. The Signal Timing Team gathers data, evaluates, and studies the major and minor arterial streets. They drive the arterial before and after the new coordination timing is applied to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the new coordination.

How Traffic Signals are Coordinated

Coordinated signals attempt to provide green lights for the major vehicle flow on a street. This requires that City staff gather data on the volume, speed, distance between signals, and the timing of individual intersections. When the data has been collected a study is done to determine the best timing and coordination of all intersections involved. This may require that the timing of the intersections be adjusted to facilitate the best flow of vehicles.

When the best coordination has been determined the Traffic Signal Timing Team implements the new timing. Studies are conducted to evaluate the efficiency and to make needed adjustments. Coordination throughout the city is continually monitored and is reevaluated as needed.

2023 Traffic Control Inventory

  • 95 traffic signals
  • 25 school-related pedestrian crossings
  • 22 non-school-related pedestrian crossings
  • 1 fire signal
  • 82 School flashers
  • 57 Speed Radars
  • 342 Illuminated Street Name Signs
  • 719 City-owned Street/Parking Lot Lights 

You can report a downed traffic signal or sign by submitting our Streets Inquiries or Concerns online form.

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