Rock Creek Erosion Control at Lake Link Trail

CCOB Capital Improvement Program staff engaged Enginuity Engineering Solutions, who has surveyed and studied the area and developed a set of construction plans to address the existing erosion, add an inlet and culvert under the trail, and ad install a low tailwater basin, all in an effort to mitigate the current erosion, limit future erosion and prevent the Lake Link Trail from being undermined.  The construction plans were developed in close coordination with Boulder County’s Parks and Open Space Department, who manages the property, and CCOB’s Open Space and Trails Department.  An objective of the construction plans is to minimize disturbance to surrounding open space and limit trail closures.

The 100% Plans have been submitted to Boulder County for a Site Plan Review.  As a result, public notice signs will be posted, and notification will be made to nearby property owners. Updates to the plans may be required based on permitting review before they are stamped by the consulting engineer (Enginuity) and approved by the CCOB City Engineer.  Once all required agencies have approved and permitted the project, the construction plans will be put out to bid in an effort to secure a contractor to complete the proposed work.  There is currently no timeline for the procurement or the construction of the proposed work. 

Lake Link Trail Erosion Control Improvements - 100% Planset

Contact Brian Graham, CIP Project Manager, at 303.438.6215 or with questions about the project.



In 2005 Boulder County granted the City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) a Permanent Trail Easement for the construction of the Lake Link Trail on Boulder County’s Ruth Roberts Preserve.  The easement identified erosion of a drainage gulley near the SE corner of the parcel and required Broomfield to monitor the head cutting back toward the trail.  The erosion is approaching the trail and will soon threaten the trail itself if not mitigated.