Universal Collection in Broomfield

With 61% of respondents showing support for the city exploring a single-hauler trash option in the 2021 Community Survey, the Broomfield City Council directed staff to explore a Universal Collection program in Broomfield. As a result, Broomfield staff is collecting resident feedback on the topic of Universal Collection and will share the feedback with Broomfield City Council in Spring 2023. This includes educating residents about Universal Collection as well as gauging resident interest and their position of support and/or opposition.

Some of the benefits of a Universal Collection program include:

  • Give more residents the opportunity to recycle
  • Change the current waste collection system from multiple licensed haulers to a single hauler or few haulers assigned to different parts of Broomfield, leading to transparent and consistent pricing
  • Hold the preferred hauler(s) accountable for customer service levels
    • If the City and County pursues a Universal Collection program, a bidding process would provide a fair, competitive and transparent process that prioritizes expanded services at the best rate.The contract can set high service standards.
  • Lower costs for residents who produce less trash
  • Reduce road impacts and traffic

Visit our BroomfieldVoice.com/UniversalWasteCollection page for more information on participation, waste reduction, volume-based pricing and costs and to provide your feedback on a survey about Universal Collection.