Street Sweeping Maintenance Program

Broomfield’s Street Sweeping Program runs year-round to provide safe conditions for all modes of transportation by removing debris and other material from the roadways and bike lanes. Sweeping also protects air and water quality and prevents debris from entering storm drains which comply with state and federal stormwater quality requirements and BMC 13-40-070.

Sweeping Schedule

The program’s goal is to sweep residential streets four times per year, main arterials six times per year, and as needed for special events. It is our standard practice to sweep snow routes after snow events. Additional sweeping may occur in areas experiencing heavy debris. Residential routes and schedules have been designed not to interfere with trash collection. 

Sweeper 1

Current Residential Sweeping Operations

Here is a map of where the sweeper has been, is currently, or where it will be next. If you have additional questions about areas being swept you can email or call 303-438-6334.

What Does This Mean To Me?

The following factors frequently influence our street cleaning efforts:
  • Cars parked in street
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Overhanging tree limbs that prohibit sweeper access to curb or street (14' of clearance is needed above the street)
  • Weather: rainfall, snow, wind, and ice

Please help the street sweepers do their job by removing vehicles, trash cans, basketball hoops, and other obstructions from the street including grass clippings, or disposing of yard waste, leaves, and branches into the street for a sweeper to clean up. It is also helpful to keep tree branches and bushes that extend beyond the face of the curb trimmed back to the face of the curb 14 feet high from the street surface so sweepers can sweep up to the curb line.

Please keep a safe distance from the sweeper, and avoid maneuvering around it.

Sidewalks and Bike Paths

Broomfield Parks Maintenance provides sweeping services for public bike paths and sidewalks on an as-needed basis. Residents and business owners are responsible for sidewalks adjacent to their property within the public right-of-way.