North Area Tanks - Water and Reuse

North Area Water Reuse Tanks 12-2021

News and Updates.....

The Burns & McDonnell agreement for a preliminary design and feasibility report was approved by Council in July 2021.  The report will include the size and number of both potable and reuse tanks needed, confirm the need and size of the booster pump stations, layout of the site for the tanks, booster pump stations, utility lines and access, provide a probable cost estimate and schedule, review the water and reuse modeling for the service areas and develop a comprehensive scope to complete the design of the Tank Project.  

Staff anticipates proposing a consulting agreement for design and development of construction documents in early 2022.

Background Information

Broomfield needs the ability to store additional water, specifically in the areas north of W. 144th Avenue and a tract of land in Anthem Filing 24 was dedicated for future water tanks.  If development continues without the necessary water infrastructure, there will be inadequate storage and supply for fire flows.  Regular, peak hour usage will result in inadequate water supply and pressures to the higher elevation properties. 

Broomfield’s water system model identifies capital improvements which will be needed as Broomfield develops. The model specifically focuses on the phased development of the areas north of W. 144th Avenue that are quickly developing.  In anticipation of the future water tanks, a tract of land was dedicated to Broomfield with the platting of Anthem Filing 24 in 2016, and was included in the approved site development plan.  Due to the necessary hydraulic grade elevation, a booster pump system is expected to be required. The preliminary design report will review the feasibility of burying, or partially burying, the tanks.