120th Sidewalk - Main to Teller

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The project will complete missing links and improve the existing sidewalk along 120th Avenue, from Teller Street east to Main Street.  Staff is coordinating with Xcel Energy to underground the overhead power lines from Main Street to Teller Street.  

Background Information

The construction of the 120th Avenue Connection project provided a new sidewalk from the Wadsworth Boulevard to Teller Street.  This project will continue the sidewalk from Teller Street to Main Street improving access and safety for pedestrians.

Currently, there is no sidewalk from Teller to Saulsbury Street; a five-foot sidewalk from Saulsbury Street to Reed Street; no sidewalk from Reed Street for half a block east toward Quay Street; a newly constructed five-foot sidewalk for the second half of the Reed Street to Quay Street block; and a four foot sidewalk from Quay Street to Main Street.

The proposed improvements for this project include: 

  • Undergrounding of overhead electric from Teller Street to Main Street.  
  • 8-foot wide sidewalk between Teller Street and Saulsbury Street.  The sidewalk width may need to be reduced in this area to reduce the impact of a right of way acquisition to the adjacent businesses. 
  • Maintain the existing 5-foot sidewalk between Saulsbury Street and Reed Street.  Colored, concrete median cover may be installed from the back of curb to the face of the sidewalk to reduce maintenance requirements and to tie the project aesthetic to the 120th Avenue Connection project.  Maintaining this section will reduce project costs by not removing and replacing a functioning sidewalk.  
  • 8-foot wide sidewalk along the vacant property from Reed Street east to the recently constructed Valero Convenience Store ending at Quay Street.  
  • 8-foot wide sidewalk along the Valero Convenience Store property.  This will be dependent on discussions with Valero.  
  • 8-foot wide sidewalk from Quay Street to Main Street.  This will require right of way acquisition from 3 Margaritas.  Staff will work with 3 Margaritas to minimize impacts, including working with them to lay out parking in a more efficient manner. 
  • Removal of the overhead electric may require the installation of light poles to replace existing street lighting.
  • Landscaping and irrigation are not proposed as part of the project.  Because of the narrowness of the strips of land between the sidewalk and curb, landscaping on the north side of 120th Avenue has been difficult to maintain.  Hardscaping will be done to match the 120th Avenue Connection project, where appropriate.