Building Height - Custom Homes

Within the City and County of Broomfield, building height calculations can vary based on the residences zone district. For PUD zoned properties please contact the Planning Division directly. See following information on how to calculate building height in Broomfield:

How to measure height in R-1, R-3, R-5, E-1, E-2, and E-3 Districts:

Building Height Method for Measuring - the vertical distance from the average of the finished ground level at the center of all walls of a building to the highest point of the roof surface, exclusive of chimneys, ventilators, pipes, and similar apparatus. (BMC 17-04-045)

Maximum Height: 30 feet in R-1, R-4, R-5, E-1 and E-3 Districts using method above
  33 feet in E-3 District using method above
standard height

Adams County Legacy, Broomfield - Measuring Building Height for Pitched, Hip or Gable Roofs in A-1(A):

Building Height Method for Measuring - Vertical distance from the established grade elevation to the mean height level between eaves and ridges for gable, hip, or gambrel roofs.  Chimneys, spires, towers, elevator penthouses, tanks, and similar accessory structures shall not be included in calculating the height unless specifically referred to (Adams County Legacy Code 2.215)  

Maximum Height:  25 Feet using measurement method above

Adams County Legacy, Broomfield - Measuring Building Height for Complicated Roof Forms in A-1(A):

The overall mean level of a roof shall be established as follows with the intent to ensure the most significant/largest roof forms are given the most weight: 
  1. Multiply the mean height of each plane by its percentage of the overall roof area. 
  2. Calculate the area of each plane within the roof (in plan view) as a percentage of the area of the entire roof. 
  3. Add together the weighted averages of the heights of the roof planes to establish the overall mean level of the roof.
  4. Do not include roofs over covered porches, decorative dormers, covered patios/decks, and other similar secondary roof forms.
A-1A Complex