Transportation represents 42% of Broomfield’s GHG emissions, and this pollution is expected to increase as our county reaches its projected 26% growth rate by 2027.  An integrated multimodal transportation system allows residents, employees, and visitors of Broomfield the freedom of personal mobility and choice of how to travel — whether it’s walking, biking, driving, carpooling, or riding public or private transportation. Increasingly, thriving cities have an extensive and expanding transportation network that includes integrated transit, biking, and walking facilities in addition to efficiently operated and maintained roads and trails.  

Be Involved

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Your education of projects, engagement with planners and effect on changes in Broomfield is paramount. Dig deeper into various transportation initiatives via the project link below, and see key dates on how to participate and effect change. Or visit our Sustainability Hub for access to all projects.

Ongoing City and County of Broomfield Transportation Projects

  • 4 EV charging stations on municipal property
  • 2016 Transportation Plan, which highlights the importance of emerging technologies (including EVs), alternative fuels, public transportation, biking, and other carbon reduction strategies.  
  • Support transit options such as Broomfield Easy Ride, the RTD Flexride, Free Fare Summer program, Flatiron Flyer Bus Rapid Transit service, and the Broomfield commuter program
  • Support employee telework policy

Did you know... Broomfield now has two commercial-grade, dual-port electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Health and Human Services (HHS) building at 10+ 0 Spader Way? These Level 2 chargers can fully charge an EV in about three hours! Check the PlugShare map for more locations in Broomfield. 

  • Renewable Energy (coming soon)
  • Water Resilience (coming soon)

Transportation Resources For Residents And Businesses