COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination is underway for Broomfield residents following the state's phased distribution plan.

Data for Broomfield’s vaccination dashboard is downloaded from the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), a statewide immunization registry. Cumulative doses administered is the total number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to Broomfield residents and entered into CIIS. Any provider in the state of Colorado can administer the dose and are supposed to enter data within 72 hours of the dose being administered. Doses are assigned to a county based on the patient’s address and are not dependent on where (i.e. which county) the vaccine was administered. 

The number of ‘Broomfield Residents Immunized With One Dose’ is the total count of residents who received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The number of “Broomfield Residents Immunized With Two Doses”’ is the total count of residents who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cumulative Doses Administered to Broomfield Residents is roughly the sum of people immunized with one dose and two times the number of individuals immunized with two doses. This discrepancy is a reflection of the challenges associated with collecting immunization data in real time. This difference may exist for numerous reasons, including but not limited to administered doses not entered into CIIS, data entry errors, delays in reporting, doses received outside of Colorado, or more than 2 doses received.  

Visit to learn more about vaccines, where you fall on the distribution timeline, and to fill out a Vaccine Interest Form to be contacted when the vaccine becomes available for your occupation or age group.

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