Business Support Toolkits

As we navigate through the health and economic crises caused by COVID-19 together, the City and County of Broomfield want to be a supportive partner. The following Business Support Toolkit includes a Quick-Start Guide, resources, and promotional opportunities to help guide you through the process of re-opening, and getting back to business.

  1. For Restaurants
  2. Gyms & Other Businesses

Restaurant Toolkit

Step 1:

Apply for Prioritized Enhance Broomfield Grant 

  • City Council approved additional funds for this business support program; including a prioritized focus community-orientated restaurants and neighborhood-serving retail shops. 
  • Applications are being accepted and should include a detailed explanation of how you are evolving your business to meet your customer’s desire for safe spaces and how the funds will be used.  Examples, purchasing/renting additional seating/tables in temporarily expanded space, financial support for new business improvements (expanded patio or interior space of seating), or other related business costs.

Step 2: 

Complete the Quick-Start Guide for Public Health Compliance

  • An interactive form to help navigate the new state and county guidance and operational changes by industry
  • Recommended actions to help protect the health/safety of your customers and employees
  • Collaboration with public health officials to ensure compliance and address specific challenges
  • Upon completion, businesses can opt-in to the following:
    • Included on the “Taking Precautions, We’re Open for Business” community map
    • Included in a weekly digital promotion, reaching up to 100,000 area residents
    • Added to email list for economic updates, resources, programs and assistance

Step 3:

Apply to Expand Outdoor Service Temporarily

  • Establishments wanting to temporarily expand their space for outdoor service can submit a single form to start the review. This will assist you in temporary site modifications for expansion in outdoor seating - with or without alcohol consumption in the expanded area.
  • Waived fees for City and County of Broomfield approvals and reduced state fees for liquor license applicants. Fees subject to change.
  • Expedited approval process 

Step 4: 

Review important helpful documents and links:

Questions? Need More Information?

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