For Seniors/Vulnerable Populations

Delivery Services:                           

  • Prescriptions: To best protect our 60+ community members and keep them safe at home, prescription delivery is available for adults 60+ whose medications are filled at Broomfield pharmacies which are unable to deliver essential medications.

    Residents 60 years of age or older who would like to use this service should do the following: 

    • Step 1: 
      • Contact your pharmacy & order your prescription. Pre-pay for the prescription over the phone or online and advise the pharmacy that a city employee of Broomfield Senior Services will be picking up your prescription.
    • Step 2:
      • Call the Senior Services Easy Ride at 303.464.5534 to schedule a prescription delivery. Callers will be asked to provide their name, address, phone number, date of birth, and pharmacy name and address, and will be required to present valid identification at the time of delivery. 
    • Step 3: 
      • Receive your prescription delivery safe at home! Your prescription will be delivered by a Broomfield City employee, identifiable by their City and County of Broomfield Staff ID Badge. Staff members cannot open the prescription package for any reason.

Questions about this service? Call Broomfield Senior Services at 303.464.5526.

  • Groceries
    • Carry-Out Caravan grocery delivery is coming to Broomfield seniors age 60+! Volunteers take your order over the phone, shop your order, and deliver the order to your door. You pay for the groceries, but there is no cost for the rest. Begin enrolling by calling 303.443.1933, ext. 414, apply online or email
    • Home grocery delivery service is also available to RTD Access-a-Ride customers with no fare required.
  • Fresh Meals 
    • Meals on Wheels provides meals to seniors. Residents can call 303.464.5532 to register for Meals on Wheels and have a meal delivered to your home within one business day.

Support by Phone

  • Call 303.438.6391 at noon Monday through Friday for the most recent COVID-19 updates.
  • Text “CCOB” to 994-11 to sign up for the City and County of Broomfield Text Connect service to receive Daily COVID-19 updates.                                 
  • Community Reach Center has introduced the Senior Reach program. This community program identifies older adults who may need in-home emotional or physical support and/or connection to community services. 

Other assistance:

  • The Self Sufficiency program provides housing payment assistance to Broomfield residents that have lost wages due to the impact of COVID-19. See eligibility criteria, learn more and apply online.                              
  • 2-1-1 Is now set up to offer COVID-19 specific services and resources available across the state. Visit, dial 2-1-1 or 866.720.6489, text 898.211* or chat live with a representative through the website.                                                          
  •  Read Colorado Tenant’s Guide to COVID-19.                                 
  •  Use NextDoor’s Neighborhood Help Map to find neighbors in your area that are able to help in a variety of ways, such as phone check-ins, pet care and more. Follow all safety guidelines and requirements while getting helping or providing help to neighbors.