Safe Streets & Trails

Safe streets are everyone’s responsibility - please, share the road

 Drive Safe

  • Our first responders are stretched right now, please do not cause traffic collisions. We are all responsible for street safety. Our actions can affect others, most collisions are preventable!
  • Obey all traffic laws
    • Drive at or under the speed limit. One in four fatal crashes is due to at least one driver speeding.
    • Stop at all stop signs and for red lights. DO NOT run red lights.
    • Pay attention, put the phone away, IT CAN WAIT.
    • Look and yield for people walking or cycling at all intersections and crossings, every intersection is a legal crossing.
    • Right turns - Do not make a right turn when cyclists are approaching in the bike lane.
    • Left turns - Check for through cyclists when making a left turn at intersections.
    • Give cyclists at least 3’ of clearance or change to pass,
    • Change lanes with care.
  • Be courteous and kind to others on the shared roadway

 Ride and Walk Safe


  • Avoid wearing both earbuds while cycling, be able to hear your surroundings.
  • Check your surroundings when walking or riding

BE VISIBLE while walking, jogging, and cycling

  • Day or night - Use a white headlight, a red rear light, and reflectors, especially when walking or riding at dusk or nighttime. 
  • Daytime - wear bright clothing that is a contrast to your surroundings.
  • Night-time - wear reflective clothing, leg bands, or other reflective gear on your body or bicycle.
  • Wear a helmet and be sure it fits comfortably and securely. Helmets should be replaced every three to five years and be stored properly. Consider wearing a brightly colored helmet.

Street Cycling Tips - In Broomfield there are over 90 miles of on-street bike lanes in Broomfield and miles of low-stress neighborhood streets. In addition to the safety tips above, there are some key rules to remember when bicycling on the roads along with traffic.

  • Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Bicycles are considered vehicles by law and should follow all traffic laws signs and signals.
  • For your safety, don’t jump a green light, check for red-light runners.
  • Always ride with the flow of traffic
    • Stay to the right side of the road as much as possible, unless there are obstacles or you are turning left.
  • Use hand signals to indicate turns, lane changes, and stops.
  • At intersections, you may take the lane when it is safe to do so (bicycles are considered vehicles). This helps drivers understand your intentions as a cyclist.
  • Remember that pedestrians always have the right of way within crosswalks, and on paths and sidewalks. Bicyclists must always yield to pedestrians.
  • Do not bicycle two (or more) abreast when vehicles are present. Ride single file to allow for vehicles to safely pass.

 Safely Share our Trails

  • Stay to the right
    • When walking or cycling, stay on the right side of the trail moving with the flow of traffic, except to pass.
  • Pass safely
    • Always pass other trails users on the left. When bicycling, always slow down and notify other trail users before passing.
  • Do not block the path when walking or cycling
    • Groups of people walking, jogging and cycling should be in single-file when other users are present or leave at least half of the trail open for passing.
  • Be alert
    • All trail users should avoid wearing both earbuds or listening to loud music, be alert to your surroundings to be able to hear other users of the path or trail.
    • Bicyclists are to alert others of their presence and use safe speeds while in narrow trail areas, underpasses, and where visibility is limited to on-coming users.
  • Protect our open spaces
    • All users should stay on existing trails and avoid creating new trails or causing damage to the surrounding landscape.
  • Bicyclists are to alert others of their presence and use safe speeds while in narrow trail areas, underpasses, and where visibility is limited to on-coming users.
  • When walking your dogs on leash, keep them close to you and do not block the trail for other users.

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