Medical Professional Volunteers Needed

The Colorado Covid-19 Innovation Response Team urgently needs medical professionals and administrators to donate their time to provide free telehealth visits. This work will be performed entirely from home, primarily via telephone and/or video calls. Callers will provide their symptoms over the phone, and those who need medical attention will be triaged to a queue for telephone-based care.  

They are looking for volunteers:

  • Medical professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Mental Health professionals)
  • Trained administrators (familiar with SOAP notes, triage, scheduling, etc.)
  • Fluent in English
  • Fluency in a second language is highly desirable
  • Medical professionals must carry active licenses for their profession (retired professionals can reinstate their licenses pursuant to recently updated DORA regulations)
  • Medical professionals must carry malpractice insurance.  COPIC will provide malpractice insurance for volunteer physicians (MD and DO).
  • Volunteers will need a phone and a computer with internet access

If you have any contacts in the medical community or know anyone who does, please ask them to pass this form along. Even a few hours a week could make a meaningful difference for the people who need it most.