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Is it right for my family risk graphic

Before participating in an activity, ask yourself:

  • How many other people will be participating in this activity?
  • Is the activity outside?
  • Can I put distance between myself and others?
  • How long will the activity take?
  • Do I feel 100% healthy?
  • How will I get there? Biking, walking, driving in a car are safer than public transportation.
  • Do I live with someone who is more vulnerable to COVID-19? Would they be at higher risk if I brought home the virus?
  • What is the value of this activity to me versus the risk I am taking?

State of Colorado Guidance 

State guidance for different sectors can change frequently. Please follow the links below for the most current information. These guidance documents are helpful for business owners to operate safely, as well as for clients to know what to expect when participating in an activity.