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In an effort to conserve existing water resources and maximize Broomfield’s future water supply, the Water Resources Division is committed to developing and maintaining a robust water efficiency program.  

The Water Resources Division is responsible for drafting a Water Efficiency Plan every seven years.  The plan identifies programs, measures and goals to help promote efficient water use.  Some of these programs include rebates for  installing water efficient fixtures, as well as offering free water audits to residents to promote smart water use and provide tips to reduce water waste and save money.  In addition, starting in 2022, Broomfield will be participating in Resource Central's Lawn Replacement Program!  Visit Resource Central to learn more about how to transform your turf into a more waterwise yard.

If you are interested in contributing to Broomfield’s water efficiency goals, check out the links below to learn more about 4 easy ways to save water.

How You Can Make A Difference

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Garden in a Box Program

Gain curb appeal, lower water costs, and access professional design without a professional landscape price tag with Garden-in-A-Box! Plus, Broomfield residents qualify for $25 off these low water plant kits.

Garden In A Box Veggie Planting

Broomfield’s Water Reuse System

The keystone of Broomfield’s water efficiency efforts is the nonpotable distribution system, also known as the reuse system.  Broomfield’s reuse system provides water to approximately 940 acres of irrigated parks in the city.  There are approximately 1,500 additional acres of non-city owned areas served by the reuse system, including Arista, Flatirons Mall, Legacy High School, Anthem, and Interlocken Business Park along Highway 36. 

The reuse system is extremely beneficial because it allows Broomfield to expand its water supplies beyond a single, one-time use and reduces the amount of treated domestic drinking water that would otherwise be needed for these irrigation purposes.  Broomfield’s reuse system addresses as much as 20% of the overall water demand in the city.


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