Retail Tobacco Licensing

Any business selling tobacco or tobacco products in the City and County of Broomfield must obtain a State tobacco license and a City and County tobacco license, and must comply with the Colorado Tobacco Code and the City of County of Broomfield Vaping and Tobacco Regulations. 

State of Colorado Tobacco Licensing

For information on how to apply for your State of Colorado Tobacco License, please visit:

For questions related to the State of Colorado Tobacco License requirements, please contact: 

Tobacco Licensing: or by phone 303-205-2300.

City and County of Broomfield Tobacco License 

Basic Information on Obtaining a Tobacco License

Proximity Restrictions

The new ordinance requires all businesses that sell tobacco products to be located at least 500 feet away from schools. However, businesses that obtain a license before October 31, 2020 will be exempt from the proximity restrictions. To check if your business is within 500 feet of a Broomfield school, you can use Broomfield’s Tobacco Retailer Map Tool link to ensure that your business is not in a prohibited zone.

Required Documents

You are required to obtain a Broomfield Sales Tax License and a State of Colorado Sales Tax License prior to applying for a City and County of Broomfield Tobacco License. New businesses that need to apply for sales tax licenses can apply at

Application and Renewals

The application and fee payment are submitted online together.

Step 1: Complete the application online

Step 2: Proceed to payment and submit the $300 annual license fee

  • Payment must be made at the same time the application is completed for the application to be processed.
  • Payment can be made with a credit card, debit card or eCheck. If using the eCheck option, you will be required to provide bank account information, including:
    • account number,
    • check routing number,
    • bank name and
    • account holder name.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that your payment has been made.

Step 3: Following the review and approval of the application, your Tobacco License will be mailed to you at the location to be licensed.

Step 4: Apply online here *application works best with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge

Need to Make a Change to Your License?

To update contact information or report changes in corporation, LLC,  or ownership, please complete the steps below.

Step 1: Download this form.

Step 2: Print form and complete. 

Step 3: Mail completed form and supporting documentation to:

Tobacco Licensing

Broomfield Public Health and Environment

100 Spader Way

Broomfield CO, 80020

Resources for Businesses


  • Broomfield Public Health - call 720.887.2220