Water Resources

Water Opens in new windowBroomfield’s Water Resources Division is responsible for securing, protecting and improving Broomfield’s water resources for current and future customers.

In an effort to conserve existing water resources and maximize Broomfield’s future water supply, the Water Resources Division is committed to developing and maintaining a robust Water Efficiency program.

Water Supply Information

Broomfield has two primary sources of water:  treated water purchased from Denver Water, and raw water supplied to Broomfield’s Water Treatment Plant by the Colorado-Big Thompson (C-BT) Project and Windy Gap  Project under the management of Northern Water.

View a video describing the C-BT Project.

Broomfield is also a participant in the Windy Gap Firming Project (WGFP). Participation in the WGFP will provide valuable water storage and water supply reliability for Broomfield customers.

IMG_0228In addition to its potable water supply, Broomfield also has a robust reuse (non-potable) water system. The reuse water system allows Broomfield to use treated wastewater effluent a second time for irrigation and other non-potable purposes. To learn more, visit our Water Efficiency page.  

For water conservation tips and tricks, including landscape watering information, click here

For additional information, please call 303.464.5603 or email.

Drought Watch

The dry weather conditions have Broomfield in a Drought Watch status.

Broomfield's current drought mitigation provisions include  Municipal Code 13-36 Drought Watering Restrictions, which allow for Council to declare a drought emergency when determined it is necessary to implement mandatory water conservation measures for the preservation of public property, health, peace, and safety of the public.  Drought Conditions I, II, and III in Municipal Code 13-36 define specific, mandatory, and enforceable actions and measures required for each level of mandatory drought watering restrictions in detail

Under the current drought watch, residents are encouraged to follow voluntary reductions to reduce the need to implement water use restrictions.

Voluntary actions include: 

  • no outside water use between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.; 
  • reducing lawn watering to 2 days per week for no more than 3 hours; and 
  • using a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks.

Any other water conservation measures implemented are appreciated. A little effort can make a big difference in conserving this valuable resource. Additionally, residents can learn more about Colorado's water Resources by visiting: