As the Broomfield Depot Museum continues to build and manage a valuable collection of Broomfield-related artifacts, items are sometimes identified that fall outside Museums’ mission to “educate and engage the community by collecting, preserving, and interpreting the history of Broomfield and the railroad depot.” By policy, the Broomfield Depot Museum may deaccession an item for several reasons, including:

1. Non-relevance: Any artifact no longer relevant or compatible with the BDM’s mission statement.

2. Maintenance: Any artifact that cannot be properly stored, preserved, or used in a professional manner to insure its integrity may be disposed of. This situation may result from undue size, excessive quantities of similar artifacts, fragility, or other unique circumstances.

3. Poor quality: Any artifact of poor quality that occupies valuable storage space.

4. Hazardous material: Any artifact subject to irreversible deterioration, infestation, or inherent chemical hazards that may imperil the condition of other artifacts or people.

In such instances, an item will be deaccessioned or permanently removed from the Museum's collection. An item might be deaccessioned if it lacks a Broomfield connection, is duplicative, has irreparable damage, or cannot practically be restored or used.

Before deaccessioning an item, museum staff will assess each individual item according to Museum policy and Museum standards, and will always exercise thoughtfulness and care to respect the intent of the original donation. Whenever possible, deaccessioned items are offered to other museums or cultural institutions, and any funds acquired from the sale of deaccessioned items are acquired through public auction and put toward the direct care of collections.

These objects are currently available for transfer to other museums or other cultural, historical, or educational institutions. Please contact Veronica Rascona at 303-460-6825 or by November 21, 2019, if you are interested in receiving any of these items.