Animal Services

Animal Services encourages responsible pet ownership. Owning a pet is a privilege, but also a big responsibility. Animal laws protect public health and safety and keep owners from allowing their animals to be a nuisance to their neighbors. These laws also protect animals from cruel treatment, neglect, and injury. The Animal Services Unit is currently comprised of three animal service officers. Officers Shephard, Sydow, and Miller...and Supervisor Amy Voltin.

        From left to right: ASO Amy Voltin, ASO Hannah Miller, ASO Donna 
        Shepard, ASO Nicole Sydow. 


Broomfield Animal Services is committed to the delivery of effective, courteous, and responsive animal management services to the residents of Broomfield. Animal Services enforces all animal-related ordinances for the City and County of Broomfield.

Services include:
  • Registering dogs, cats, and ferrets residing in Broomfield
  • Reuniting lost pets to their owners
  • Investigating bite incidents involving domesticated animals and wildlife
  • Helping neighbors resolve animal-related issues such as noisy dogs, unsupervised pets, dogs running loose, and investigating concerns about animals
  • Assisting with injured pets
  • Providing information regarding wildlife concerns
  • Providing pet safety, bite prevention, and humane education classes