144th Avenue Service Center

This project is complete!

Service Center May 2020

Service Center Before and After


The project includes an Administration Building with Utilities Maintenance shops and storage bays, Streets Maintenance shops and storage bays, and Police evidence storage; a new Fleet Maintenance Building; Heated Vehicle Storage, Fuel Center, Salt & Sand Storage, and other outdoor storage areas.  Construction began on March 21, 2019.

Staff issued a Request for Qualifications to General Contractors/Construction Manager (CM/GC) in January and interviewed three firms in March. Staff recommended Saunders Construction as the CM/GC, and Council approved, at the May 8, 2018, meeting. An amendment to Saunders Construction Pre-Construction Services agreement and a pre-project review was presented and approved by City Council on November 13th. The amendment allowed Saunders to begin coordination of the design of the pre-engineered metal buildings with Stantec’s team. A construction agreement and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) was approved by Council on March 19, 2019. Construction began on March 21, 2019.  The contractor is working on the paving of the parking areas and access drives, completing utility work and constructing the Administration Building (Building 1). 

A construction agreement and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) was approved by Council on March 19, 2019.

A public open house was held on Thursday, December 13, 2018.

The operational area of the new Service Center site is 12.2 acres with an additional 4.2 acres for the stormwater detention pond and slope area for a total of 16.4 acres.  The layout takes advantage of the existing traffic signal on 144th Avenue just west of the intersection of 144th and Lowell Boulevard at the Broadlands Marketplace Shopping Center.  

The proposed plan includes three buildings, the administration and shop building, fleet maintenance, and heated vehicle storage.  The building heights vary from 23.8 feet to a maximum of 37.6 feet.

Click HERE to see concept plans of the new Service Center.

Construction is anticipated to take 12 months from approximately March or April 2019 to April 2020.

The demands upon Broomfield’s existing Public Works Smith Service Center located at 3001 W. 124th Avenue, have continued to increase since its construction in 1995.   Since 1995, Broomfield’s acreage increased by 24% from 17,500 acres to 21,760 acres.  Between 2000 and 2015, Broomfield’s population has more than doubled from 30,110 to 65,454 and Broomfield’s infrastructure has increased:

  • 210% in miles of water transportation and distribution lines (378 miles),
  • 155% in utility locates requests,
  • 179% in miles of sanitary sewer (249 miles),
  • 191% in road miles (264 miles),
  • 229% in traffic signals (78 total),
  • 226% in miles of traffic lane marking (235 miles), and
  • 199% in miles of snow and ice priority routes (173 miles total).

The 124th Avenue site is currently 12.1 acres with no ability to expand its boundaries.  In 2015, the Study indicated the existing Service Center was approximately 90% undersized.  The total space necessary to meet the current need is approximately 24 to 25 acres.  Thus, the additional needed space would be approximately 12 acres.  

Several sites were reviewed for the new Service Center and the property northwest of the intersection of Lowell and 144th Avenue was selected for reasons including:

  • The site is located more centrally than the 124th Avenue site and adjacent to two arterial roadways (proximity); 
  • Broomfield currently owns the property (no acquisition needed); and
  • The site is zoned open lands and has been previously designated as the site for the future service center.
Service Center Project Location