Exploring Alternatives to Improve Water Quality

The Environmental Services Division and laboratory are exploring alternatives to improve water quality at Community Park Pond this summer, starting July 9th through October or November. 



  • What are the objects in Community Park Pond?
    • Limno-Corrals are plastic tubes that extend down to the bottom of the designated body of water where they are then anchored in place and efficiently sealed to prevent seepage.
    • They section off a portion of the water so that it can be tested and treated without treating the whole pond.
  • Why are they here?
    • The city is looking into alternative treatment methods to improve pond water quality.
  • Why this pond?
    • This pond has the perfect depth, usage and accessibility for this project.
  • How long will they be here for?
    • They will remain here until October/November of 2018.
  • Can I still drive my Remote Control Boats Here?
    • Yes!  We just ask that you keep a minimum of 5ft away from the corrals so they do not get disturbed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Emily Hawkins with the Environmental Services Division at 303.464.5630.  Thank you!