Behavioral Health Improvement Plan

Untitled-2Behavioral Health Improvement Plan

The aim of Broomfield’s 2020-2024 Community Health Improvement Plan is that all Broomfielders have the opportunity to attain and maintain a state of mental well-being. that allows them to realize their potential, cope with life’s stresses, and thrive in our community.

2020-2024 Community Health Improvement Plan

Plan Goals

  1. Change the narrative: Build understanding of mental health as a positive state of well-being that the community builds and maintains together.
  2. Reduce barriers to services for mental health and substance misuse.
  3. Increase community connectedness and decrease social isolation and exclusion.

Join Us!

This plan is a community effort! If you would like to learn more about the community health improvement plan and how you can be involved, send us an email at or call 720.887.2220. 

Community Health Assessment Process and Results

Read here for more information on how the 2020-2024 CHIP was developed. Within this document you will find links to the data explored before deciding on a focus area for the 2020-2024 plan. 

group of women doing yoga in a park square