Behavioral Health Improvement Plan

The aim of Broomfield’s 2020-2024 Community Health Improvement Plan is that all Broomfielders have the opportunity to attain and maintain a state of mental well-being. that allows them to realize their potential, cope with life’s stresses, and thrive in our community.

2020-2024 Community Health Improvement Plan

Plan Goals

The Behavioral Health Improvement Plan aims to build understanding of mental health and reduce associated stigma, reduce barriers to care, and increase connectedness in the community. The strategies lie in community-based prevention, school-based prevention and intervention, health communications and  behavioral health treatment.

Image that shows the three goals of the Behavioral Health Improvement Plan and strategies.

Behavioral Health Improvement Plan Goals and Strategies Summary Graphic

Who Guides the Work?

Behavioral Health Improvement Steering Committee

The Behavioral Health Improvement Plan Steering Committee began regular meetings in November of 2020 and is comprised of individuals who represent a wide range of partners, including behavioral health providers, health systems, schools and nonprofits. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide guidance on what strategies are most effective in addressing the goals of the Behavioral Health Improvement Plan, as well as identifying and leveraging funding sources. Members also advocate for systems change to champion the overall goals.

Opioids Regional Council 

Broomfield is part of the Colorado coalition that, in January 2019, sued manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids alleging damages caused by the companies’ aggressive marketing and excessive distribution of prescription opioids, as well as the companies’ minimization of the significant risks of addiction and overdose. Settlements with major drug manufacturers and distributors have been reached, and Broomfield will receive funds in the near future pending execution of final agreements and approval by the courts.

 A requirement of receiving the settlement funds is to establish a Regional Council to oversee plans for distributing funds and executing the work. Broomfield’s Regional Council is closely coordinated with the committee guiding the Behavioral Health Improvement Plan given the overlap in goals

Community Health Assessment Process and Results

Read more about the Broomfield Community Health Assessment here for information on how the 2020-2024 CHIP was developed. Within this document you will find links to the data explored before deciding on a focus area for the 2020-2024 plan.

Join Us!

This plan is a community effort! If you would like to learn more about the community health improvement plan and how you can be involved, send us an email at or call 720.887.2220.