Municipal Court

Service Reopening

Thanks for your patience and perseverance to protect our community, public health officials support a slow and guided access to increased City and County of Broomfield services.

The Broomfield Municipal Court is now open.  The clerk's office window is open to accept payments and filings.  Beginning August 1st, we will proceed with our in person, regular court docket.  Health precautions such as social distancing, masks and hand sanitizing are in place.   If you have a health risk and cannot attend your court date, please call 720-887-2114 to make other arrangements.


f your court date was scheduled during the court closure, you may appear on our add-on docket which we have on Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m.​       


The Broomfield Municipal Court has jurisdiction to hear cases dealing with traffic citations, including parking, animal and code violations and misdemeanor cases. 


Presiding Municipal Court Judge - Randall J. Davis

Deputy Judge - Willard Hardesty Deputy Judge - Steven Fisher
Deputy Judge - Kristen Brown
Deputy Judge - Bruce Joss


  • ***If you have received a NEW traffic ticket that is eligible for early payment, you CANNOT pay online.  You must sign the bottom of your ticket and return it with your payment, either in person, or by mail.  You have up until your court date to take advantage of the early payment plea offer.
  • Online payment - on drop down menu for court location choose "Broomfield Municipal"
  • Juvenile cases are not payable on-line
  • We do not accept telephone payments
  • If you are charged with a Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance charge, and you were insured,  you will need to provide the court with a letter (view a sample letter) from your insurance company.


Resource Name Phone
NCTI (National Corrective Training Institute) 303.455.3553
ISAE Education Programs 303.433.1900
Alive at 25 303.464.5500
AARP 303.464.5526
Master Drive 303.627.4447
Department of Motor Vehicles 303.205.5613
Colorado Dog Academy 303.465.1703