Inspection Scheduling

Inspection Scheduling Through Automated Phone System

The phone system will only give you 4 days to choose from.  If there are no inspectors available, please call 303-438-6370, and a Permit Technician will assist you.  Contractors will need to use the Online Portal.

Inspection Scheduling Information

List of Inspection Codes

Building Permit & Inspection Process

Building Permit & Inspection Process
Contemporaneous Reviews Guide
Signed Senate Bill 19-156
Signed House Bill 19-1086


Online Inspection Scheduling (Contractors Only):
Building permit inspection scheduling is available from this website through a contracted server. 

Builders - Please DO NOT create your own account, follow these directions. 

If you would like to view inspection results, check plan review status, or see the documents attached to a permit, please use this PUBLIC ACCESS GUIDE to assist you without logging in.