My Zoning

To check the zoning of a property in Broomfield please use our planning research map. Type the address of the property in the search bar in the top left hand corner of the map and press the magnifying glass key. The map will then zoom in on the parcel and display a text box with information including subdivision, property size and zoning. For more information on how to use this map, please click here


 If your zoning has an (A), (W), (B), or (J), this identifies a legacy zone district. An example of one of these districts is A-1(A), which is a legacy Adams County agricultural zoning. Please reference the corresponding legacy zoning code linked at the bottom of this page for that property. 


 If the zoning for your property reads PUD, this indicates that your property is located within a Planned Unit Development. If you have questions about a PUD zoned property, please contact the planning division. 


If the zoning district does not have an (A), (W), (B), or (J) and is not PUD, then you can reference the Broomfield Municipal Code for regulations in standard zone districts. 

Please note:  A number of uses permitted by zoning may still require a license prior to operation. Licences have a seperate review process which the Planning Division does not regulate. Please ensure licensing, if necessary,  is in order prior to any purchase, lease and/or occupancy of a property. Additional information on Broomfield Licenses may be found here. 

 If you have any questions about the zoning of your property please contact the planning division. 

Municipal Code

Legacy Zoning Information

Prior to Broomfield becoming a City and County on November 15, 2001, areas in Adams, Boulder, Jefferson, and Weld Counties were annexed to Broomfield. Many of these areas retain the county zoning that was in place at the time they were annexed. The zoning codes in each of these counties may have since been amended but these amendments are not applicable to parcels of land which were annexed to the City and County of Broomfield. Copies of the legacy county zoning codes are provided below.