Personal/Property Safety & Security

Personal safety and security encompasses awareness tips for people of all ages -- from Internet safety to things that parents or guardians should teach their children. Information on identity theft and fraud prevention is also included in this section to help protect your finances and identity.

Personal Safety - While At Home, While Walking, While Driving, also available in Spanish.


Keeping children safe encompasses far more than "stranger danger" and is of the utmost concern of the Broomfield Police Department. Teaching children personal boundaries and safety actions in conjunction with open communication are key to their safety and security in a variety of environments. The following links are provided as resources:


Identity theft occurs when someone uses your identity without your permission. Your information may have been obtained from an Internet source, your mailbox, or your trash. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. The following links provide useful information:

If you have been the victim of identity theft, here are some important steps to take: I Think Someone May Have Stolen My Identity -- What Should I Do? Additionally, the Fraud Theft Reporting page provides information and links to file a report online.


Property safety and security covers tips that relate to home burglaries, stolen vehicles, car break-ins, and theft of construction equipment and materials. You can conduct a Home security or Construction Site Security on your own or schedule a time to meet with an officer to assist you. Contact the Public Information & Education Coordinator at 720-887-2084 for more information.