Oil and Gas Development

Under the law of the State of Colorado, local governments cannot prohibit oil and gas development within their jurisdiction, nor can local governments prohibit hydraulic fracturing. The Colorado Supreme Court has held that most regulatory aspects of oil and gas development are preempted by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and beyond the authority of local governments. The city's goal is to develop strategy and legally permissible tools that best reflect Broomfield's community values. In order to accomplish the best outcome, Broomfield will work with the community as well as work with any current operators in the city and COGCC. This web page is to inform residents of upcoming meetings, past actions, resources and maps of current well sites. 

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A separate comment period will be held at the COGCC
Wednesday, 8/1, at 9 a.m. Click here for UPDATED information.

  On July 10 2018, Council approved Ordinance 2067. 
Here is a link to the City Council Memo.
Here is a link to the fully executed Ordinance.




Oil and Gas Emails to Council 

Click here to view emails sent to Council (Council@broomfieldcitycouncil.org) regarding Oil and Gas.  


 Oil and Gas Regulations

      Current Oil and Gas Regulations
    Click here to view the June 12, 2018, City Council Memo: 
    Below are links to previous Council and Study Session items on the
    draft oil and gas regulations: 
   Click here to view a Comparison Chart of DRAFT regulations and Legal 
   Subcommittee Recommendations


Emergency Preparedness

     Emergency Preparedness Presentation -
     Citizen Notification
    • Click here to register cell phones or VoIP system phones for emergency notifications.  (Current vendor is CodeRED®) This  system is similar to  Reverse 911.


  Quick Links 

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     Oil and Gas Comprehensive Update Committee Webpage
 Oil and Gas Comprehensive Plan Update - Chapter Document -          
           Adopted September 26, 2017



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2018 News .................................................................

 Oil & Gas Community Conversation

- Friday, May 4, 2018 -
Oil and Gas Reporting Speaking Points - HB1157

Forced Pooling Speaker Points - HB1289

  Oil & Gas Community Conversation - Friday, March 16, 2018 - 

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2017 News .................................................................

Oil and Gas Letter from Local Elected Officials
Click here to view the letter to the Governor, drafted and signed by local elected officials.  The letter will be updated as additional signatures are obtained.

Broomfield Ballot Issue 301 - Click here to go to the updated section of the Broomfield Charter.  Click here to see the election results.


Additional Links

Here is a link to the Extraction Spacing Unit Protests.

Information on Spacing Unit Applications with COGCC

Press Release:  Broomfield Requests Oil ad Gas Inspections and Emergency Plans from Local Operators

Comprehensive Planning Update Committee
Oil and Gas Activities Update

Map of pending spacing unit applications.


Additional 2017 Events

COGCC Public Forum - October 12, 2017, at 6 p.m. (Broomfield Council Chambers.)
The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) held a Broomfield Public Forum on October 12th.  Unable to attend or watch?  Here is a link to the video of the meeting.

May 11, 2017 - Letter from Mayor Ahrens to Governor Hickenlooper

Broomfield Oil & Gas Public Forum - Feb. 21, 2017 -
Oil and Gas Drilling History

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