Fraud & Identity Theft

The Broomfield Police Department encourages people who are victims of identity theft to review information on this page regarding prevention and protection from identity theft crimes. 

If you feel you have been the victim of an identity theft, to include unauthorized credit card charges, stolen/forged checks, or other types of financial scams, please call Police Dispatch at 303.438.6400 to speak to an officer over the phone or request to speak to an officer in person. 

If you need to report a complex financial crime such as corporate embezzlement, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, or a crime involving a significantly large financial loss (over $100,000), please contact the Investigations Division at 303.438.6410 and leave your name and phone number. An appointment will be scheduled for you to speak to a detective about your case.

24-Hour Toll-Free Hotline 855.443.3489

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has launched Colorado's first and only 24-hour toll-free hotline for victims of identity theft and fraud. The hotline connects to crime victim specialists, and they convey case information to CBI's identity theft victim advocate, Fraud Unit supervisor, or other investigators in the Fraud Unit. 

While identity theft and fraud victims should file crime reports with local law enforcement agencies, CBI's unit provides investigative and victim assistance to anyone seeking guidance in improving personal financial security, dealing with compromised information, and general questions regarding ID theft.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a crime that affects victims every day. If you are a victim of identity theft, in which your personal or financial information has been used without your permission, you should report the crime to the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where you live. 

If you are a resident of the City and County of Broomfield, when the offense occurred, the Broomfield Police Department can take a report of Identity Theft regardless of where the acts occurred. Call Police Dispatch at 303.438.6400 to speak to an officer about your situation. For additional information on what identity theft is, how to prevent it, or how to handle identity theft that's already occurred, please visit Stop Fraud Colorado.

Bad Check Program

If you have received a bad check under $5,000, one that has been returned due to insufficient funds or written on a closed account, you may be able to use the 17th Judicial District Attorney's Bad Check Restitution Program. This program attempts to collect on the check at no cost to you. For information on the program, please visit a Message from the District Attorney or call 800.574.6719. If the check is over $5,000, you should speak to an officer about your case by calling 303.438.6400.

Employee Thefts

If you have been the victim of an internal employee theft totaling over $100,000, please call 303.438.6410 and leave your name and telephone number. You will be contacted to set an appointment with a detective to discuss filing a complaint. If your loss amount is less than $100,000, contact the Broomfield Police Department dispatch center at 303.438.6400 to have a patrol officer take your complaint.

Credit Freeze

In 2006, a law went into effect that allows Colorado residents to place a credit freeze with the three credit reporting agencies, which is a great step in protecting consumers from having an identity thief open fraudulent credit in the consumer's name.

Your Social Security number is the key to all of your credit, and the manner in which the three credit reporting agencies track you. If a thief steals your social security number and can successfully make a fake Colorado driver's license, they may be able to open credit in your name. You may be unaware of these fraudulent lines of credit until you get your Free Credit Report or bill collectors begin calling. In the meantime, your credit is damaged, and the process of cleaning it up can be tedious and costly.

A credit freeze may prevent a thief from opening fraudulent credit without your knowledge. For information on placing a credit freeze, please visit How Can I Place a Security Freeze on My Credit Report.