Fishing in Broomfield

Fish iconFishing is allowed in Broomfield-owned ponds. Here are a few of the pond locations. Any fishing is subject to State of Colorado regulations. The regulations can be obtained anywhere licenses are sold, or at Parks & Wildlife's website
Fishing at Josh's Pond
  • Tom Frost Reservoir, located on the northwest corner of Midway and Lowell Boulevards
  • Josh's Pond, located just west of 11th Avenue Place and Oak Circle
  • The Trails Pond, just east of Lowell Boulevard and south of Trails Avenue.
  • Alexx & Michael's Pond, located at 132nd Avenue and Zuni Street
  • Ellie's Pond, located in The Field, south of 10th Avenue and east of Main Street
  • Siena Reservoir, located east of Lowell Boulevard and south of the Northwest Parkway
  • Plaster Reservoir, east of Lowell Boulevard between 144th Avenue and 136th Avenue
  • Metzger Farm Open Space (located in Westminster), at 120th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard