Environmental Laboratory

BeakersThe Environmental Laboratory is located at Broomfield's Water Treatment Facility at 4395 W. 144th Ave. (just west of Lowell Boulevard). The Lab's mission is to assess, protect, and improve water quality in our community. This mission is achieved by developing and maintaining a water quality laboratory program to ensure that all standards for the protection of public health and the environment are met. The lab staff promptly responds to consumer concerns and provides timely follow-up. The staff works diligently to ensure that the city and county water resources are appropriately used and protected.

Program Description

Broomfield maintains an independent water quality laboratory to serve the community. The laboratory meets stringent quality assurance requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and is certified to analyze drinking water for contaminants that may pose a health risk.
Steve - Lab Worker
The Environmental Laboratory staff currently consists of six full-time employees whose duties range from collecting samples, to chemical and microbiological analyses, to program management. The goals of the program are to:
  • Ensure compliance with all Drinking Water Standards for the protection of public health established by the EPA and CDPHE. The annual Drinking Water Quality Report is available for viewing. The annual Drinking Water Quality report is available in May for the previous year. 
  • Respond to consumer concerns by answering questions about drinking water, preparing and distributing water quality reports, collecting and analyzing samples, and investigating problems involving water quality, seeps, or other environmental concerns.
  • Analyze source water supplies to determine what treatment is needed to produce high-quality drinking water.
  • Monitor the treated water to assess the effectiveness of the treatment process.
  • Test new water mains to ensure that they meet sanitation requirements before they are connected to the distribution system.
  • Provide an early warning of problems in the distribution system that may require changes in the treatment process, or in the operation and maintenance of the system.
  • Support national and statewide efforts to implement a watershed approach to improving the quality of U.S. waters by actively participating in planning, monitoring, and management activities for our watershed.
  • Maintain a community pond water monitoring program (read more...)

The Environmental Laboratory provides analytical and regulatory services to various customers, including Broomfield water consumers, the Drinking Water Treatment Facility, Wastewater Reclamation Facility, Industrial Pretreatment Program, the Engineering Inspection and Utilities Divisions, state and federal regulators, and stakeholders within the watershed. Environmental Laboratory services are independent of other city divisions so that operational and regulatory functions may be carried out in an unbiased manner.

Please report any unusual tastes or odors in your drinking water to the Broomfield Water Treatment Facility at 303-464-5606, or 303-464-5600.